Pouch and Scale Solution

Client Request:

  • Existing equipment was unreliable and slow 
  • The process wasn’t allowing them to expand to their production
  • Only operating at 25 bags/min requiring overtime to meet their daily production requirements   


  • Provide the clients with reliable, faster equipment with higher efficiency
  • The client required an output of 40 plus bags/min at a high OEE providing the ability to add new skews  


  • After an in-depth analysis of the existing process and conversations with the customer we concluded that the system was not salvageable 


  • Our solution was to provide a turnkey solution which included the following; 
    • Liftvrac infeed conveyor
    • Multipond combination scale
    • A-box oxygen scavenger inserter
    • Junapack Rotary pouch packer
    • Mezzanine platform and controls to integrate the process