We love to protect your customers, machines, and your reputation.

CASSEL Inspection has 25 years’ experience and specializes in protecting your process from undiscovered metal parts.  CASSEL also succeeds in quality control in the consumer goods industry.  We constantly strive to supply high-quality performance at a reasonable price.

CASSEL focuses on five main product types of metal detection equipment:

  • Conveyor Feed
  • Gravity Feed
  • Liquid Feed
  • Meat/Stuffer Feed
  • Tablet/Capsule Feed
  • Web Detector

Metallic impurities in your product can occur, no matter how careful you are. This makes it critical to remove them in time before they can harm production machines or your customers.  CASSEL metal detectors reliably detect all metallic contaminations and offer protection against machine damage, production downtime, unhappy customers or product recalls.

All CASSEL metal detector systems include the METAL SHARK® 2 technology.

  • Multi Frequency Cassel’s METAL SHARK® 2 has multi frequency, computer controlled and auto setup within seconds to perfectly suit the current product.
  • Digital Phase METAL SHARK® 2 is using extreme precise digital phases and replaces common analogue phase shifts.
  • Ease of Use The METAL SHARK® 2 assists the user with yellow highlighted help text, telling precisely what to do next. Through the graphic user interface (GUI) fits the system flawless into the users normal workflow and daily activities.