This innovative trayless meat system reduces waste.

The Formost Fuji hygienic ground meat flow wrap system is designed to package ground meat without the foam tray.

The advantages to the producer are huge but it doesn’t stop there. Meat departments at local grocery stores will also see impressive advantages to selling the NEW PACKAGE while meeting the consumer’s demand for more sustainable packaging.

We can now eliminate up to 60% of the additional contents that go along with your standard ground meat packaging. Material such as metal clips, foam, plastic, and/or cardboard trays are no longer needed to provide an attractive, cost-effective, and space-saving package.

The goal of the Trayless Meat System is to give grocers, consumers, and processors the best quality package for product freshness and shelf life while reducing waste, space, and overall greenhouse emissions.


  • Sustainability/reduced waste initiatives
  • Shelf life
    • Same as a master pack, but the ability to reduce wasted product by not having to open 3 packs at a time in a master pack
    • 20+ days on the shelf prior to freezing
  • Back of the house space savings
    • Smaller cases and less worry regarding bad product due to extended shelf life
  • Better for the consumer
      • Longer fresh shelf life
      • Waste reduction
      • Space savings in the consumer’s fridge

Think Green! And consider the Environment.

  • Increased Shipping Capacity
  • Less Equipment / Smaller Footprint
  • 60% Less Packaging Material
  • 80-120 PPM with MAP
  • Extended Shelf Life


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