Abbey Equipment Solutions Mobile Inspection Demo Trailer is available across Canada and is ready to visit your town.

Our Inspection Demo Trailer has begun to provide on-site demonstrations with enhanced safety measures: social distancing, personal protective equipment, and increased sanitation efforts to ensure that everyone is following the COVID protocols.

Reap the rewards: 

  •  Convenience of coming to your plant saving you the time and money you would otherwise spend traveling to one of our facilities. 
  • Let your colleagues see it, touch it, get buy-in from all your departments
  • Perform live testing with your product on the latest inspection machine technologies that are designed to meet Canadian regulatory requirements 
  • Demo Trailer has an inverter generator making it self-sufficient for power and it’s air conditioned for your comfort
Plan a visit with our team for the mobile Inspection Demo trailer to visit Your Plant!

The Mobile Inspection Demo Trailer is equipped with the latest technology for X-Ray Systems, Checkweighers, and Metal Detectors.  Abbey Equipment Solutions prides itself for exceeding customer expectations.  See firsthand the difference of our partners inspection equipment without leaving your facility or investing a penny. 

During your visit, we perform live testing with your products on our inspection machines that are designed to meet your regulatory requirements. You will meet your local Abbey Equipment Solutions representative, who will discuss advancing your quality control with our proprietary detection 360 process. It detects and secures all points on your line, keeping it running at the highest levels of efficiency while helping you to ensure safety and reduce risk. 

Call or book your Demo Trailer time below and see how you can improve your product safety, production times, and efficiency.

Schedule your plant visit here or call at 1-800-361-5919

We look forward to seeing you!