MULTIPOND's success is based on the high quality and excellent technical standard of their systems with production exclusively in Germany.

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MULTIPOND is a pioneer in this sector with 70 years’ experience in industrial weighing technology.  

The new weigher generation has no double surfaces, gaps, dead space or cavities, offering simple cleaning.

Fully-automated calibration. MULTIPOND is the only global multihead weigher manufacture to work with an integrated calibration system.

Patented digital filter offers significant benefits such as increased weighing system performance, and less prone to external influence by vibration.

In conjunction with the now established, adaptive filters, measured value recording times are reduced by up to 60%. As a result, weigher systems with fewer heads can be used and higher cycle rates can be achieved. 

The 3D-camera records more precisely product distribution on the distribution cone and the feed trays, thereby enabling a controlled pre-distribution to the feed hoppers.