Automated Cannabis Weighing and Filling Solution

Client Request:  

  • To automate a manual process of packaging 3.5g of flower into a plastic jar
    • In the existing process the client had 20 plus manual packers, and they were manually weighting the product in order to achieve their accuracy. 


  • Was to develop a net weighing solution that met all the stringent Health Canada accuracy requirements and the whole system had to be GMP compliant.    


  • Existing process was very time consuming and labour intensive.  Each operator was only able to output 1 bottle/min in order to meet the Health Canada standards. 
  • The company hareservations about the performance and accuracy of the scale and checkweighers.  We did extensive proof of concept trials in order to verify the capability of the scale to meet the regulatory weight requirement, and to verify the two checkweighers capability to calculate the net weight of the empty bottle within 10 mg.   


  • Once we confirmed that the system could accurately weigh the product to meet the regulatory weight requirement we then designed a turnkey bottling solution to meet all the customers GMP, speed, sanitation needs and data collection requirements.
  • We successfully developed and installed several fully automatic in-line, single lane bottle filling systems for packaging Cannabis flower.  Utilizing the industry’s leading manufactures; Multipond and Anritsu weighing technologies
  • The client was very satisfied with the solution provided and it addressed all the short comings of existing process.