Circle Packaging Machinery was founded in a small shop in New Jersey in 1959. Both Junapack and Effytec fall under Circle Packaging Machinery Inc. In 2004, they moved into their new 24,000 square foot facility in De Pere, Wisconsin.

Circle Packaging Machinery has built its reputation as a provider of ruggedly dependable, multi-lane four-sided seal packaging equipment able to significantly increase a customer’s packaging output. The machines are simple to operate and straight forward to maintain and troubleshoot.

Abbey Equipment Solutions partnered with Circle Machinery Inc. (Junapack & Effytec) 2017 in order to offer our customers per-made horizontal pouch machines. The main difference between Junapack and Effytec is, Junapack fills per-made pouches while Effytec will form and fill the pouch.  So, depending on your packaging needs we have you covered.