LIFTVRAC Introduces a New Redesign

The new lifting system for Liftvrac belt conveyors optimizes productivity and eliminates waste. 

LIFTVRAC introduces a new redesigned lifting conveyor for the food industry. 

Liftvrac launched a new conveyor at the beginning of 2023. The conveyor has been improved, starting with the belt which is the key component of the conveyor. The R&D department has designed a new hygienic belt that meets the growing needs of food processing companies. The number of pieces has been reduced by more than 25% compared to previous generations.

The profiles of this conveyor are in an open frame to fully eliminate hollow shapes in the product area. Which allows for easy access for maintenance, and the open structures are easier to clean and maintain than hollow body structures because they are more accessible and are not obstructed by hollow sections where bacteria can grow over time.

Two other important improvements to note are the screws, nuts and spacers are now all hygienic and certified bolts according to the hygiene standard EHEDG and 3A (RPSCQC) with blue seals in NBR rubber.


A new scraper has been developed, to ensure continuous cleaning of the belt at the end of the elevation. The new design has an error-proofing device to avoid putting the blade on in the wrong direction. Ultimately the hygienic scraper shaft has fewer parts which means less risk and less to clean.

To accompany this innovation, the conveyor now includes support for the blade and the scraper shaft, making it even easier to clean.


“Our conveyors prevent material loss. Another benefit is the easy cleaning”
– Yoann DAUPHIN, Liftvrac sales director.

The LIFTVRAC conveying system is much more efficient than any other existing system available in the market with its patented flat belt, which is progressively formed into a tube for gentle product handling. It respects the most fragile products and at the same time permits a significant reduction in the waste of the product. It is very easy to clean, it fits into tight spaces and will adapt to any customer’s specifications due to its wide range of modules, various positions, and accessories.



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