New sustainable ground meat system provides savings to packaging and the environment

Many retailers are looking at changes in packaging to achieve sustainability goals. Major meat departments are shifting away from wasteful products like foam trays and stretch plastic meat packages.  Sustainability and waste reduction are not just environmental initiatives for retailers, they are also a way to save money, as the cost of raw materials and labor impact the economic equation for meat companies. Reducing transportation and storage costs go a long way to bringing the price down for processors.

The Formost Fuji ground meat system does just that.  In developing efforts to create a more sustainable solution, this new system eliminates greater than 50% of the material that goes into your standard ground meat package.  Along with eliminating foam trays that are harmful to the environment, the full system has a smaller footprint than current ground meat packaging systems used by most meat producers. With the reduction of the equipment, comes savings on energy, valuable floor space, parts, and labor for maintenance. 

The Formost Fuji Wrapper also offers advantages for shipping, storage, and valuable shelf space.  The trayless package uses 50% less space on a truck, thus providing a 100% increase in shipping capabilities.  With twice as many trayless packages on a truck than the trayed product, we can take one truck off the road for every two that is currently used for shipping ground beef, therefore reducing greenhouse emissions tremendously.  In today’s world, that is a valuable advantage to the producer and the consumer.

The flow wrapper is fed product from a ground meat line that includes a mincer, portioner, blade, and weigher, prior to being timed into wrapping material where the individual package is produced. With the Formost Fuji Ground Meat System, the paper or absorbent pad can be used under the ground meat while it is gently transferred to the conveyor and into the flow wrapper. 

This positive change will not only provide you with a “GREEN” packaging line but will pay for itself over a short period of time. The new ground meat wrap produced by this system has excellent seal strength for product protection, as well as maintaining package integrity and extended shelf life. All while creating a smaller package that takes up less room on store shelves. Your consumer will find this package easy to use with the ability to remove the product without having to handle the contents.


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