Scale on Rollers
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Portable Scale Solution

Client Request:

  • A moveable scale to feed two packing lines one pouch line and one tray line
  • Client needed a solution that allowed them to only have to purchase one weigher between the two lines


  • Was to reduce the footprint of the line and to save costs on the second scale and infeed conveyor


  • The customer had one incoming product line but required for two difference packaging formats.  However, they only needed to run one packaging format at a time  


  • Was to provide Multipond scale which we customized by making it portable on wheels that could be easily moved between the two packaging lines.  This was able to be done because of Multipond rigged construction and digital filtering technology  
  • A distribution system was also provided which included cluster buster, product conveyors including bi-directional to feed the scale in either direction  
  • A working platform with wash walls for the hoppers was also provided
  • Due to the variety of the packaging formats we provided two different distribution systems and software to automatically switch depending on the position of the scale