Special Systems/Variants

MULTIPOND- Quality, Reliability and Innovation, Tailor-Made Solutions.

  • Memory Weighing systems  
  • Memory weighing systems with special reject option for over weight 
  • Special reject option without using memory hoppers  
    • Higher combination multiplicity and thus higher accuracy  
    • Higher Speeds  
    • Discharge of over weights without affecting the speed 
    • Correctly sorted rejection with maximum product yield  

SAL/SAR Series  

  • Ideal for weighing of products which are difficult to feed on a conventional weigher 
  • System is fed by 1 or 2 operators  
    • 40-45 weighings per minute, depending on target weight, number of operators and product 
    • Discharge of over weights 
    • Belts change their running direction and rejecting the product into a separate reject bucket