Multihead Weighing Systems

MULTIPOND – Quality, Reliability and Innovation, Tailor-Made Solutions.

  • Fully-automated calibration
  • In-house vibrators
  • Dosing mode
  • Patented surfaces
  • Tailor-made feeding systems
  • Tailor-made transfer systems

Accuracy, high performance and reliability characterize all of our weighing systems.

At Abbey Equipment Solutions we consciously commit to a high level of vertical integration to best suit our client’s requirements. There are various factors such as ambient temperature, humidity, vibrations and so on which over time can distort the measurement of your product.  At Abbey Equipment Solutions we know how vital it is to ensure consistency of product weight therefore we make sure that the equipment is installed and tested to confirm accuracy.

MULTIPOND offers a range of mulithead weighing options for your production needs.



The new J-Generation is completely redefining the matter of hygiene.  According to industry experts from the USA, the new hygienic design puts MULTIPOND steps ahead of the industry as a whole.

The J-Generation has the IP69 protection which guarantees a dust and waterproof machine.  Problem free, quick and simple to clean.  

MULTIPOND is the only manufacture of multihead weighers that achieves this protection without generating overpressure in the machine.