Gain the advantages of the industry's sophisticated yet user-friendly yield management system.

The YieldPlus® Debone/Trim Management
Yield Management

Our yield management systems are designed to give you the best tools to know exactly what is happening on your processing line so that corrective actions can be taken in real-time – not hours or days later.

The YieldPlus® Debone/Trim Management System brings together the advanced product distribution and data collection capabilities of Cantrell•Gainco with the yield-enhancing and labor-saving trimmer technologies of Bettcher Industries to deliver impressive results.

Benefits & Features 

Our unique system helps processors get “more out of their meat” and deliver more profit to the bottom line – as much as 5% or more product yield! You can achieve labor cost reductions of up to 25%.

Because of our modular design approach, we can easily build a YieldPlus system to meet the precise needs of your plant.

We offer three base models covering key applications:

  • YieldPlus Dark Meat
  • YieldPlus Case Ready
  • YieldPlus Big Bird

System Flexibility

  • A system design that accommodates future expansion, such as 4-station extension units that are completely prewired and ready for “plug-and-play” installation
  • Multiple workstations – up to 28 stations
  • Single-sided or two-sided operation
  • Single or dual byproduct takeaway conveyors
  • Configurable finished product and byproduct flow to accommodate product flow and plant footprint limitations