GEA Smart Sealing System

The Smart Sealing System provides more reliable sealing of the bag with the incorporated product in seal detection system. Eliminating the possibility of open packages while also preventing sealing of the bag when food is detected in the seal area. Package leaks and damage to the knife, which cuts the single pouches after closing, are thus avoided, as it does not get in contact with the product which is fouling the seal area. In tests, knives have also handled up to one million bags successfully without having to be replaced. The result: lower costs and improved productivity.

GEA has additionally increased the pressure applied by the Smart Sealing System to each seal and has reduced the cooling time of the produced seal for each cycle. The result is a faster running speed and a 20% increase in machine output. All in all, overall equipment efficiency (OEE), sealing consistency and packaging quality are increased.

  • Available on both GEA SmartPacking Solutions (SX400 & CX400) 
  • Ultrasonic Technology by Sonotronic 
  • Airtight seal even when seal area is contaminated
  • Increase packaging output by up to 10%
  • Save labor and production costs
  • Less film waste, higher packaging yield
  • Less operating costs, lower cost per bag
  • Possibility for automated case packing (without seal checking)