Checkweighing Solutions

We ensure product quality and determine weight with Anritsu’s precision inline checkweighers. Anritsu checkweighers provide exceptional product safety, productivity, and excellent return on investment while ensuring compliance with HACCP programs, all in a compact footprint. Anritsu checkweighers are built to last and consistently perform. 

SSV Series: With accuracy as low as ±0.01g at 3σ and speed up to 600 products/min, the SSV promises top product inspection performance and productivity. 

  • Many Variations  
  • Operation Guidance 
  • Enhanced Productivity  
  • Continuous Innovation    

High Accuracy: SSV-h series


Equipped with a high speed/high accuracy force balance load cell. Meets stringent accuracy and reliability standards in industrial and pharmaceutical products. 

Washdown: SSV-i series 

Features waterproof and dustproof cabinet and components. Its hygienic design is perfect for unpackaged and fresh foods which require stringent sanitary control. 

Economy: SSV-f series


Equipped with a highly versatile strain gauge load cell. Well suited for a variety of applications including heavy products. 


Other Variations 

Various combinations of units for high accuracy, high speed, and high protection are available to meet your needs. 

You can pick up the model that best suits your product and production line from the abundant product lineup  

We also provide a full product lineup of combination Checkweigher and Metal detector system

Multilane Checkweighing 


This model has six different versions available that can weigh products ranging from 0.5 to 60 g. The maximum accuracy is ±0.015 g at 3s with a maximum speed of 150 products/min x 6-lane. For heavier products use the KW6205E model, available in two versions. These checkweighing systems can weigh products ranging from 2 to 600 g. The maximum accuracy is ±0.02 g at 3s with a maximum speed of 400 products/min x 2-lane.


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