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JUNAPACK Rotary Pouch Packer

The JUNAPACK is a new generation of intermittent rotary motion fill-seal premade pouch machines and is a versatile packaging machine technology that can be used to fill a wide range of products into many different styles of pre-made pouches includingflat, stand up, shaped, zipper, caps, side gussets for retail sizes as well as club store and bulk pack sizes.  

  • Premade pouch machines for up to 80 pouches per minute 
  • Easy pouch size changeover in 5 minutes 
  • The cylindrical gripper design has inherent strength and encases and protects the gripper inside for a more sanitary design and easier to clean machine. 
  • The captured cam drive system allows for smoother operation at higher speeds as well as savings with lower maintenance 
  • The patented “no jam” pouch feeder reliably delivers the pouches’ incorrect upright position to the pouch grippers.   
  • Sanitary pouch gripper design, no exposed spring 
  • Final sealing of the pouch is made via a mechanical cam drive motion that will apply consistent pressure and produce quality top seals 
  • Automatic central lubrication system 
  • Stainless steel finish 
  • Allen Bradley controls 
  • Pouch size range from 4”x4” up to 9.5”x15.75” 
  • Other machine models for larger pouch sizes up to 15.75”x22” 
  • Duplex model available for speeds up to 90 ppm for pouch sizes and up to 9” wide UNA