X-Ray Machine

Raybox is an X-Ray inspection machine manufactured in two versions:  

The Can version which examines the product with vision aligned at the bottom of the containers and controls food products packaged in metal tins, carton bricks and coupled and plastic bottles. 

While the Panoramic version examines the product by aligning the source of the lid with the“Panoramic Vision” inspection with the cover and bottom of the containers.  This systemcontrols food products packaged in glass jars and bottles. 

Raybox can also reject high density foreign bodies such as metal, glass, ceramic, stone, Viton rubber, etc. The machine can expel deformed containers, fallen containers, glass defects, low level filling and twist-off capsules closed incorrectly. 

  • Standard View or Panoramic View
  • High flexibility in product changeover to inspect different kind of containers
  • Possibility to inspect small and big cans (up to 5 kg)
  • Low X-Ray emission 0,1 µsv
  • Compact design to be installed in tight spaces
  • High capacity (up to 2000 cpm)