Improved product handling and cost-saving performance.

Weigh & Bagging Systems

Whether you’re package wings, tenders, boneless breasts, drumsticks, leg quarters, paws, chops or other types of fresh, frozen or marinated meat products, our AccuFill weigh/baggers are so effective, they’ll pay for themselves in six months or less.

Benefits & Features

With an AccuFill®  weigh/bagging system, you get far more than just standard packing functionalities. That’s because of the attention we pay to the little design details that separate our offerings from ordinary equipment:

  • “Auto-zero” software automatically adjusts for any product accumulation on the hopper surfaces to assure precision weighing accuracy.
  • Configurable target weights guard against overpacking.
  • Serial output that communicates to your host computer and printer is available as an option.
  • An optional host PC can be connected to multiple bagging systems for centralized reporting and setup control.
  • Battery-backed memory for recording the total number of bags, total weight, plus all setup parameters.

Designed Tough for Tough Everyday Use

Our weigh baggers are engineered to thrive in the harshest meat and poultry processing environments:

  • Washdown-tough Cantrell•Gainco Infiniti® Plus programmable controllers are IP69K-rated and engineered for long-lasting functionality.
  • Load cells are oversized by 250% – 500% to prevent damage and reduce operating costs.
  • Open-frame design leaves no place for food debris and bacteria to hide or for water to collect.
  • Just a few simple keystrokes place the system in washdown mode for safe, thorough cleaning.