Vortex Automatic Spin Dryer
Spin Dryers


The Vortex® offers fully automatic operation with computerized control of all the main management parameters. It is possible to rapidly switch from one recipe to another, thanks to proprietary software and RFID card access. Ready for Blockchain Technology Integration.

Designed and manufactured with hygiene in mind, full accessibility is guaranteed to every area.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

• Ability to dry very delicate and fragile products – leaf and otherwise.
• High quality drying level guaranteed by the new shape of the basket.
• Hygienic design that allows a full and easy access to each part of the machine and quick cleaning operations.
• Compact and low configuration; while fitting in a very limited space, it maintains the capability to process high volumes of product.
• VFD-driven motor, allowing reliability, flexibility in operation, low energy consumption and possibility to recover the energy generated by the spin dryer.
• High versatility with a wide range of feeding and discharging systems available and possibility to have different configurations in order to adapt the unit to the plant layout.
• Simply unique construction of the machine with a heavy-duty drive.
• Fully automatic operation with computerized control of all the main management parameters.
• Possibility to install a high precision weighing belt (as optional).

For more information on the Vortex visit https://home.turatti.com/en/macchina/vortex-150/


The Tornado/Compact Spin Dryer is a robust, heavy-duty machine that has been designed to spin dry a wide variety of even the most delicate food products. The speed and drying times can be easily adjusted through dedicated selectors. The unit is equipped with a self-braking motor and robust safety lid lock, avoiding accidental openings during centrifuging.

The electrical panel is separated from the machine in order to avoid any vibration to the electronic components, and to facilitate the operations.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

  • Easy and safe to operate.
  • Adjustable cycle parameters make it easy for operators to set the unit up for various products.
  • Ergonomic machine design with low loading height to ensure less strain for operators as well as easier and faster handling of baskets.
  • The space-saving design is ideal for use in smaller plants.
  • Very quick sanitation and maintenance operations (all the parts are easily accessible for cleaning criteria).

Mesh Inserts for baskets available for drying small products, like shredded carrots.

For more information on the Tornado Compact Spin Dryer visit https://home.turatti.com/en/macchina/tornado/