Advanced Technology for Detection of Metals    

Anritsu M6
Metal Detector Solutions

Detect ferrous and stainless metals simultaneously with Anritsu’s advanced Dual Wave metal detector solutions. Perfect for accurate, efficient contaminant detection, all Dual Wave machines are easy to maintain and have a world-class reputation.

  • Accuracy: Anritsu’s dual frequency metal detection technology consistently finds the smallest contaminants in all product types
  • Footprint: The industry’s smallest dual-frequency system eases line integration but built strong for production environments. 

Industry Leading Detection

  • Simple to Use 
  • Prevent False Rejects 
  • Safety Solution 

M6 Dual Wave Metal Detector 

The M6 Dual Wave maximizes quality and protect your brand reputation.  The Dual Wave technology delivers accurate and unrivaled  levels of detection sensitivity for all types of metals. Built-in digital signal processing (patent pending) better isolates product effect and minimizes its impact on detection. Outstanding detection made easy.


  • Improved Auto-Learn provides reliable, repeatable performance – Auto-learn process optimizes the best phase, frequency and detection algorithms for the dual simultaneous frequencies.
  • Vibration and electrical noise resistant – Anritsu’s detection heads are designed to provide high sensitivity without sacrificing repeatability and reliability.
  • High sensitivity detection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals – Anritsu’s patented dual-frequency technology is optimized for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals simultaneously. With the improved auto-learn process, Anritsu systems analyze more than 10,000 combinations of frequencies and algorithms to provide the best detection possible.
  • Minimize false rejects – built-in troubleshooting screens show the possible cause of false rejects and provide on-screen suggestions to improve performance.


  • Smart Guide – perfect for HACCP – Smart Guide directs detection and operation checks in an easy-to­ understand format. It can be set to stop operation if the testing fails ensuring compliance.
  • Reject confirmation –  ensures rejected products are fully removed from the production line.
  • User levels – passwords are required when changing critical product settings including sensitivity changes. This helps avoid human errors and potential operator mistakes. Optional barcode reader simplifies operator identification.
  • Daily inspection report
    – simplified data and log management allows quick response to retailers or customer quality inquires.
  • Design verification that meets global standards –  Anritsu metal detectors offer reliable solutions for quality control in the food industry around the globe.

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