GEA SmartPacker CX

Due to the uninterrupted film transport during sealing and trimming, the continuous motion vertical flow GEA SmartPackers CX series are faster than the intermittent models.  High speed, high efficiency machine with low film waste compared to conventional baggers. 


Introducing the GEA SmartPacker CX400 D-Zip
GEA CX400 D-Zip SmartPacker

The NEW vertical packaging machine for diverse bag types features the smallest footprint in the industry. 

  • Newly developed, flexible corner seal unit
  • Smart design reduces amount of plastic required
  • Pre-packaged food products for retail and food service
  • Combines fast, high-quality operation with maximum flexibility and uptime.

Apart from producing premium quality D-ZIP bags, this easy-to-use machine can produce more than 10 different bag styles for a wide variety of applications

  • Candy
  • Nuts
  • Frozen Fruits
  • Grated Cheese

The new machine integrates a newly developed corner seal unit, designed to reduce complexity and improve quality, flexibility and serviceability, thereby meeting the demands of today’s processors.

GEA SmartPacker CX250

  • Maximum speed up to 160 bags per minutes (depending on product, film and dosing equipment) 
  • Continuous film transport system ensures optimal tracking for high-speed operation
  • Even delicate film materials are transported with ease 
  • Higher efficiency and less waste compared with conventional machines 
  • Wide range of bag formats  
  • Continuous Film Transport 
  • Reliable and smooth film transport 
  • Offers an excellent price / performance ratio 
  • Hygienic (stainless steel) design 
  • Smooth, slopedsurface, easy cleaning and easily exchangeable parts 


GEA SmartPacker CX400 Vertical Packaging Machine


  • Higher efficiency and less waste compared withconventional machines
  • Consistent high quality of produced packages up to 250bags a minute
  • Reliable, high speedand smooth film transport
  • Quick film reel and bag format exchange
  • Compact andeasilyaccessible film feed 
  • Easy to operate, clean and maintain
  • Wide choice of bag formats  
  • Optional Zipper Unit