The GEA Vertical Form Fill Baggers offer a variety of bags, with a wide range of options and flexibility. Depending on your needs you can select the type that best suits your product and customer’s needs.

Due to the uninterrupted film transport during sealing and trimming, the continuous motion Vertical Flow GEA SmartPackers CX series are faster than the intermittent models. High speed, high efficiency machine with low film waste compared to conventional baggers. ​

Today’s consumer demands products that stay fresh longer, and are easy to seal and reseal, again and again.  With the GEA SmartPacker, so you can produce eye-catching, premium quality, freestanding D-zip bags, for maximum convenience. From candies and frozen fruits to nuts and grated cheese – whatever product you are packing, this machine can handle it. 

Smart in every way.

With a newly developed integrated corner seal unit our latest vertical bagger is designed to reduce complexity and improve quality, flexibility, and serviceability. Thereby meeting the demands of today’s processors. Users can expect premium performance with an output of up to 100 GEA D-Zip bags/minute; enjoy maximum uptime and highly accurate operation from a machine that carries the smallest footprint of any other comparable machine in the industry.

Premium quality, outstanding performance.

  • Premium quality D-Zip bag with smooth and sharp cross seals and wrinkle-free seals with high density and air/gas-tight sealing
  • Combining the high-quality of the pouches made on conventional horizontal machines with the advantages of a SmartPacker

Fast, easy, and flexible

  • Capable of producing all common bag types on a single machine without compromising any expectations
  • High uptime and highly accurate operation with the smallest footprint of any other comparable machine in the industry
  • Changeover time from standard to D-Zip bag of under 45 minutes, without the use of special tools and features front discharge
  • Featured with a new corner seal unit, which simplifies set-up and improves overall quality


Whether you need your product pack-ready for retail or foodservice, GEA SmartPacker CX400 is your ultimate choice in terms of capacity, technical options, and range of bag styles.

Flexibility meets high capacity.

This reliable and durable form-fill-seal model is designed for high-capacity and maximum productivity.  Handling bag widths between 70mm and 400mm and up to 120 bags per minute, CX400 also offers a wide choice of pouch styles and technical options to suit various food applications.

Flexibility you need.

  • Fast changeover of bag formats and film types in less than 5 minutes
  • Wide variety of applications such as chicken nuggets, French fries, salads, or grated cheese.
  • Bag enhancement options include labelling, printing, adding euro hole and re-closeability options.

Easy to operate and maintain.

  • Quick menu allows fast adjustments
  • Reproducible settings using recipe management
  • Easy-access design allows fast film changeover
  • Low maintenance costs & limited wear parts

GEA SmartPacker CX250-S features a low-drop design, which enables fast and compact filling and reduces damage of brittle products such as hard candy or crackers. The vertical packer is also equipped with an innovative, easy-to-use labelling system, improved product-in-seal detection and double-hinged doors for easy-access and maintenance. 

Dedicated design for high-speed packing

  • Runs up to 250 bags/min, depending on specifications
  • Low-drop between weigher and jaw head allows high speed and compact portion packing
  • Avoids damaged products in pack thanks to machine design
  • Bag enhancement options include labelling, printing, adding euro hole and re-closability 

High efficiency with a small footprint

  • Quick menu allows fast set up and adjustments
  • Fast film changeover in less than 5 minutes
  • Innovative open design for easy access and visibility during production
  • Low maintenance costs and limited wear parts