GEA Aquarius FlatformWrap

The GEA Aquarius FlatFormWrap forms and wraps from 600 up to 1.000 lollipops per minute depending on the capacity FlatForm wrapper you choose. The die sets on the FormWrap machine can be changed within 20 – 25 minutes. The machine has an automatic reject system. With startup or stops this system automatically rejects the faulty lollipops. Also, the automatic rejects system start when the wrapping is out of registration.

  • Smoother sugar in feed towards the die set
  • Fast die change, within 30 minutes
  • Improved durability die set 
  • Auto lubrication set on die set 
  • Automatic reject system 

The lollipops are wrapped into a sandwich wrap style immediately after forming. To avoid deforming or losing any design detail the lollipops will be cooled in our PopCooler F cooler  directly after being formed and wrapped. The sandwich wrap style wrapping will give you the opportunity to present your flat, fancy and/or 3D lollipops in a transparent wrapping to give the expressional features and details of your lollipop a further appealing look.

For more information visit – GEA Aquarius FlatformWrap