This line is inspired by the demand from the market to diversify lollipops. To enable you to present a unique shape, which automatically is linked to your brand, we made it possible for you to produce a beautiful 3D shaped lollipop on this PopLine. This fully automatic line, including forming machine, cooling system and sandwichwrapping includes overall line controls. The total line is servo controlled, to ensure the correct positions of the lollipops throughout the total process. Suitable for a large range of 3D and flat lollipops. Possibility to stripwrap the sandwichwrapped lollipops together with a perforation unit. An automatic rejection unit for faulty lollipops can also be included in this line.

The GEA Aquarius 3D PopLine is a complete line solution to form, cool and wrap 3D shaped lollipops. With a speed up to 600 lollipops per minute it forms, cools and sandwich wraps the 3D hard candy lollipops which can also be center filled.

  • Continuous and seamless process from forming to wrapping 
  • Quality checks and automatic rejection points assure continuous operation and product quality 
  • Speeds up to 600 lollipops/min for 22-32 diameter 
  • Adjustable stick hopper for easy change-over of different stick lengths
Now you can produce uniquely 3D shaped lollipops inline – with the GEA Aquarius 3D PopLine. It is specifically designed to form, cool, and wrap the imaginative 3D shaped lollipops. This complete equipment solution ensures you get perfectly formed lollipops with little to non-deformation while preserving the design detail in a sandwichwrap style. After being formed, the lollipops are transferred by means of grippers directly to the PopCooler C for cooling.  The lollipops circulate in the cooler for approximately 3,5 minutes before the take-over wheel transfers the lollipops automatically to the coating unit.