Cut-up saws for producing premium poultry cuts

Cut-Up saw
Cut-Up Sawing

Our Cut-Up Saws are the economical way to produce premium poultry cut-up parts. With one proven saw design, you can achieve both quality and volume with just a single operator.

Constructed of high grade stainless steel, including stainless steel guard and control panel, the Cut-Up Sawing machine edges are rounded and smooth to ensure a thorough and easy clean-up. Powered by 1 HP motor, the saw contains an easily replaceable stainless steel circular blade.

Our Cut-Up Saw model comes complete with motor, blade and stainless steel frame. Optional blower and bagger attachments plus a stainless steel stand are also available.

What’s more, minimal moving parts virtually eliminate maintenance, except for blade sharpening and occasional blade arbor replacement.

Technical Specification

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