Horizontal Cartoner Equipment

  • Semi-Automatic Cartoner 
    • One of the best manual load Cartoner in NA
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Servo driven
    • Continuous or intermittent
    • Left to right or right to left
    • Wide Min-Max range 
    • Cardboard or E/F-flute
    • Many options available

HC-3200 Automatic Indexing Cartoner

Other Horizontal Cartoner Options

  • Other Horizontal Cartoner Options
  • Automatic Cartoner – Indexing
  • Servo driven
  • Up to 130 cartons per minute
  • Up to 10 loading stations
  • Rotary pick up cartons with pre-brake
  • Motorized extended carton magazine (up to 7’ long)
  • 95% of the applications

HC-120 Manual Load Servo Cartoner

Continuous Cartoner HC-4100

  • Automatic Cartoner – Continuous
  • Up to 150 cartons per minute
  • Barrel cam
  • Servo driven
  • Mainly offered for high-speed or big pitch application
  • 5% of the application

HC-4100 Continuous Cartoner

Vertical Cartoner Equipment

  • Automatic Cartoner – Continuous
  • Very popular for bulk product (rice, dog bone, pasta, etc.)
  • Indexing or continuous motion
  • Lugs or carton holders
  • Also offered for manual loading
  • Sift proof flap closing sequence available
  • Automatic: Synchronized with multi head scale or volumetric cup
  • Robot loading also available

VDC-2900 Vertical Load Cartoner