Powerful, high-volume indexing solutions for processors

Bulking/Indexing System

Our AccuFill® Bulking and Indexing Systems are proven to deliver bulk packing applications so effective, most have six-month or shorter payback periods. They provide an advanced hygienic design, accuracy and labor savings in one powerful, high-volume system.

Benefits & Features  

Whether you choose our single, dual or triple bulker systems, indexing bulking systems, or our legal-for-trade LFT bulkers, you’ll find that our capabilities cover the full range of your fresh or frozen meat processing applications – chicken, turkey, pork and beef.

Applications for the AccuFill system for chicken include leg quarters, whole legs, fronts, whole birds, breasts (bone-in or boneless), wings, and thighs (bone-in or boneless).

Applications for turkey include drums, wings, thighs, and lobes.