Precision and productivity from superior belt grading technology

Belt Graders/Classifiers

AccuSizer™ belt grader/classifier systems from Cantrell•Gainco are designed to meet all of your product sizing and batching needs. These belt sizers, with their user-friendly interfaces, advanced weighing technology and robust rugged platform, help processors do just that.

Benefits & Features

The AccuSizer system provides grading and sizing at speeds up to 180 portions per minute, depending on your product’s size. Combining this degree of speed and pinpoint accuracy results in healthier profits showing up on your bottom line.

Whether your needs are for whole chickens or turkeys, turkey lobes, seafood products, ribs or other cuts of meat, there’s sure to be an AccuSizer solution that’s ideal for you.

System Advantages 

  • Improved weighing accuracy and significantly reduced product “giveaway.”
  • Gentle handling of your product.
  • Substantially higher volumes than with manual labor alone.
  • Real-time process reporting.
  • Maintenance-friendly equipment that allows for easy-access servicing.
  • Low installation cost.