Automation Solutions

Automated packaging of products can bring many benefits to your company. Some of these benefits are obvious, such as filling the need for labor, reducing the risk of repetitive work injuries, eliminating bottlenecks, and improving production speeds.  Other benefits include decreasing downtime, reducing production costs, and reducing the risk of product defects and recalls.  Product preparation for bagging or wrapping at high speeds is critically important for any successful packaging operation. 

Formost Fuji specializes in designing custom systems for feeding a wide variety of products. From concept to system design technology, manufacturing, and implementation, Formost Fuji has proven its ability to solve unique packaging problems.  

  • FFS 1000 In-Line Feeders  
  • Attachless infeed Conveyor  
  • CSI (Controlled Speed Indexer)  
  • Frozen Burrito System  
  • Bagel/English Muffin System  
  • Bun System with wrapper or bagger 
  • Resealable Applications 
  • Transpositors  
  • End Seal Fold Down System  
  • Card Sheeter  
  • Cup System  
  • Pace-O-Wheel (Rotary Indexer) 
  • Corn System